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8 (4922) 52-39-22 с 8:30 до 14:00
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8 (4922) 52-39-80
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Medical tourism

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Export of medical services

"The Vladimir Regional Center of Specialized Medical Care" is the only institution in the region that provides all types of care in the field of traumatology and orthopedics. Our center offers consultative and specialized high-tech medical care, as well as medical rehabilitation.
The core and pride of our institution is our team of professionals who help and treat children and adults from all over the country.

Our specialists are trained in leading Russian research centers, as well as in European countries such as the Czech Republic, Spain, and Germany.
Our clinic provides surgical and conservative treatment to children and adults with both congenital and acquired pathology of the musculoskeletal system, as well as diseases of the central nervous system by using modern equipment and unique treatment methods, including:

  • Arthroplasty of large joints;
  •  Arthroscopic surgery;
  •  Bone growth control;
  •  Mini invasive technologies in the treatment of foot and hand pathology, fractures and their consequences;
  •  Benign tumors of the skeleton, bone and osteochondroma and cysts of different localization;
  •  Congenital clubfoot by the Ponseti method;
  •  Progressing forms of scoliosis with the use of Chenault corset therapy;
  •  Medical rehabilitation after injuries, operations on the musculoskeletal system;
  •  Rehabilitation of children with severe neurological pathology, cerebral palsy.

We provide a unique opportunity to all patients in need to receive an effective rehabilitation course with the use of complex functional orthosis tailored to an individual program.
Our clinic takes top priority in promoting an atmosphere of friendliness, attentiveness, and care to all.
While staying in our environmentally friendly region, you can make your stay comfortable and memorable by strolling along the cozy streets of the old city and seeing unique monuments and works of architecture.
We are prepared to provide highly qualified medical care to all in need from any region of the Russian Federation, as well as to those from CIS and foreign countries.

We will take care of your health!

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ИНФОРМАЦИОННАЯ ПАМЯТКА для иностранных граждан, желающих въехать в Российскую Федерацию с целью лечения

Medical license (Медицинская лицензия)

Questionnaire for migration registration (Анкета для миграционного учёта)


Contact Information for Foreign Visitors:

E-mail: registratura-piganovo@ya.ru    rkdonc@rkdonc.elcom.ru

Our telephone number: 

Registry -     8 (4922) 52-39-80

Reception -  8 (4922) 26-18-12 

fax -                 (4922) 26-18-12

Full name:   State budgetary health institution Vladimir region "Regional center of specialized types of medical care".

Address: 600901, Russian Federation, Vladimir Region, Vladimir, m-rayon Piganovo, Central'naya, 5 

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